About Emilio Mogilner
Israeli based artist Emilio Mogilner, nationally acclaimed Painter and Sculptor, b. 1965, Argentina.

“I was born to become an artist, with a destination to empower the people with the 1 Breath Time art movement”.

These days I happily live in my eco-farm, painting and sculpting and in the progress of several endeavors that aim to boost sustainablity using artistic touch.

Israeli National Geographic covering the creation and placement of the Hills Guardian
From the Guardians series

Israeli Channel 1 - covering the Solo Exhibition "Israelians"

Cheaf Jesus - Self Portrait / 2001
oil painting on canvas
from the 31 Screams series

During a worksohp about edible wild plants

History: My parents discovered my talent in painting when I was a small child and encouraged me. I painted intensively till the military service in which I participated like many others in the 1983 Lebanese war. For many years after this I couldn't bring myself to painting.

Upon my return to Israel In 1993, after several years of wandering in the world in remote places, and making my living with skills that I learnt along the way (e.g. restoring antique furniture), I gradually started feeling the old compelling need to express myself in painting and started my official artistic career with a series of solo exhibitions in Israel and in the USA. At that time I purchased a piece of land that would become my home and studio, and later on become “Emek-Hatal” Eco-farm.

In 2000, my first child, Mayan, was born. The feeling of bringing a child into this cruel and polluted world made a transformation in me. Until then my art had focused in translating my intense emotions through painting and sculpturing.
Since then, in addition to the Fine art creativity and exploration that never stopped since 1993, I initiated dozens of artistic activities , from direct actions to social-environmental festivals, in order to raise awareness to issues of social-environmental problems in the national media, through activist art I called “Call Up Art”.

In mid 2001 I survived an assassination attempt in my Studio, due to my environmental activities. I remain paralyzed in my right arm but have learned to paint with my left. That hectic time was document in a series of 32 self portraits I made in higlly expressive way, called "the screames".

In April 2002, I had an epiphany of the 1 Breath Time, which is my philosophy of life.

Emilio's Emek-Hatal Ecology farm

The photo below was taken in my ecological farm that also functions as a non-profit community center that I opened to the local community in order to learn and practice sustainable development.
Everything in the farm is grown organically, and a variety of workshops are held there.